.e.L.L.e. (tearyeyedangel) wrote in okanimalwelfare,

2 great dogs at OKC Animal Shelter- volunteer faves!

First, is Penny~ She's been there too long! She's been returned due to her ability to climb chain link fencing. Yikes! haha. She seems so innocent, that was a shocker! Check her out on petfinder and spread the word- she's calm, cute, and adorable with her underbite!

Then there's Buster- an all around great dog! No complaints here! Small, quiet, housebroke, likes cats!

Please pass the word on about these wonderful dogs to anyone you know who might be interested- go meet them at the shelter- their photos don't do them any justice! Shelter is open every day except Monday from 12-6 for adoptions!!!!!!!

Also, this month is Adopt a Cat Month so all cats are $25!

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